Sierra County Program for Economic Development

The Ambassador Program is a program to facilitate the development of economic opportunities in Sierra County, and to provide a system to fund that objective. Our ambassador will inform prospective businesses about the many advantages the county as a whole can provide to encourage serious consideration of the area for new businesses. This private forum will be a communications tool for all parties involved.

Spaceport America:
Improving our business relationship with Spaceport America is a priority, the main problems being:
1) Spaceport America seldom mentioning Sierra County and T or C etc. in press releases and notifications, only including Doňa Ana/Las Cruces.
2) Too many individuals/organizations approaching Spaceport about too many subjects making the community look very disorganized and unprofessional.
3) Poor dissemination of news and information from Spaceport where some recieve information and share it with others late, or not at all.

At a meeting on June 24th, attended by representatives of all administrations in the county, the following resolutions were agreed upon to address these problems.

To funnel all business communications with the spaceport through the county ambassador with the objectives being:
1) Ensure that Sierra County as a whole gets included in spaceport programs and publicity, after all we pay our fair share of the taxes.
2) Present Sierra County in a more professional way by having just one elected person in charge of all business and business communications with Spaceport.
It was decided unanimously that Rebecca Dow was the ideal candidate, and we are all extremely happy that she graciously consented!



First Sierra County Ambassador